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Dedicated to the world-wide Open Source grass roots movement for Free Energy
Technical support forums dealing with the current subject matter and alternative / suppressed free energy technology:
Cavetronics Informatics Academiaâ„¢
Energetic Forum
Gn0sis forum
Yahoo groups - Search for energy
Water Fuel Cell
Teep forum

Technical information on Open source Free Energy:
Free Energy | Dr. Peter Lindemann's Website
Rex Research
JLN Labs
The Water Engine
Open Sourced Energy Network(OSEN)
Open sourced Solar Panels
Water Powered Car
Air Car access
Eagle research
Educate your self
Infinite -Energy
Energy 21
Overunity UK
Forgotten Genuis
Stiffler Scientific
Dangerous Laboratories
Calloway Engines
Flying Dutchman magnetic research
Ringwood's Free Energy' Page
Gas Gouging
Muller power
Energy show and tell

Zero Point Energy and Free energy research web sites:
Prof. Dr. Claus W. Turtur
Dr stiffler
Hyper Flight
Esoteric Science
Earth tech
Zero Point Energy Dot com
Alternative Phisics
Un quantum
Euclidean Relativity
Brannen works
University of Science and Philosophy
The resonance project
Nu energy
The Wonderful World of Advanced Materials
Jeffrey Cook
Overunity Builder
Chukanov Energy
Research Laboratory for Vacuumenergy

Web links to videos of related subject matter:
Tesla - The Race To Zero Point Energy
Joseph Newman's Car
Free-Energy Elemental rod generator: Part 1
Free-Energy Elemental rod generator: Part 2
Steven Mark's solid-state free-energy device
Steven Mark's solid-state free-energy device
Steven Mark's solid-state free-energy device
Energy by motion device
Tesla's Transverse Waves
Tesla's Longitudinal Waves
Papp Motor
A lecture of Prof. John R. Searl
Cold Fusion
Stan Meyer Video
Stan Meyer's Water Fuel Cell
Stan Meyer dune buggy video
Joe Cell Video - Bill Williams
Stage-1 Joe Cell
Stage-2 Joe Cell
Stage-3 Joe Cell
An electric fan driven by pyramid energy (German)

Interesting Electronics Web Sites:
Maplin Electronics: Useful catalogue, components, test gear, kits and consumer goods
All Datasheet: Semiconductor data sheets in downloadable 'Acrobat' format
Cricklewood Electronics: Supplier of semiconductors
Greenweld: Surplus components, test gear, magnets, etc.
Bull Electrical: Surplus electrical and electronic components, motors, etc.
ESR Electronic Components: Semiconductors, switches, wire, etc.
How to Wind Inductors: Easy-to-understand practical data on coil winding
Magnetic Properties: Magnetic properties of materials
How to Make Electric Motors: Easy-to-understand data on making electric motors
USA Based Components: Electronic components available for high-voltage devices
Electronics Calculators: On-screen calculators for component values
Electric Circuits: Lessons in electric circuits
Alternating Current: An In-depth tutorial on AC circuitry
Calculators: Calculator facilities for various coils and capacitors.
Components: Supplier of electron tubes etc.
Flyback Driver: Flyback driver site
Circuit Simulation: Electronic circuit simulation site
Electronics Training: Electronics training site
Wimshurst Generators: Wimshurst Generator supplier
Electronic Components: Supplier of electronic components
Spark-gap Experiments: Spark-gap experiments site
High-voltage Experiments: High-voltage experimenter's handbook
High-voltage Projects: High-voltage projects
Electronics Training: Electronics training site
Capacitance: Information on capacitance
Electronic Components: Supplier of electronic components
Zinc Oscillator: Zinc 'negative resistance' oscillator
Niodium Horseshoe Magnets: A source for niodium horseshoe magnets
UK Magnet Supplier: A really excellent source for all kinds of magnets at competitive prices.
Aussie Magnet Supplier

Motors and Generators:
Moller Generator: JL Naudin's research on Moller's Atomic Hydrogen system
Motionless Magnetic Generator: JL Naudin's research into Bearden's MEG device
Free Electron Pump: JL Naudin's experiments showing free-energy pick-up
One-battery Test: JL Naudin's test which ran a motor from a fully discharged battery
Magnet Motor Tests: Howard Johnson's magnet motor principle verified by JL Naudin
Mini Romag: JL Naudin's details on the 'Mini Romag' magnet generator
Camus Magnet Motor: JL Naudin's details on this motor design
The Tesla Switch: Details of battery self-recharging systems
Solid State PSU: Very efficient flourescent tube driver (possibly over-unity)
Floyd Sweet's VTA: JL Naudin's details on the 'Vacuum Triode Amplifier'
Muller Motor: Muller's own motor site: input 38 amps output 400 amps
John Bedini Pictures: Some of John's motor/generator pictures and diagrams
John Bedini's SG Motor: Step-by-step constructional instructions
Edwin Gray's Motor: Pictures and information on the original motors
Ed Gray's motor: Background information and photographs of the engine and inventor
Various Interesting Devices: Geoff Egel's links to many interesting developments
The Swiss Electrostatic System: Swiss Electrostatic System analysed by Paul Potter
Over-Unity Site: Presentations on many interesting devices
Simple Electric Motors: Very simple instructions on building easy-to-make small motors
The RotoVerter: A high-power 'Over-Unity' generator system
Energy Capture: Energy capture via an aerial
Pyramid Tests: Science Fair project
Speed Control: Electric motor controllers
Motor Control: DC motor speed controller
Generator: The induction generator
Magnetic Bearings: Information on magnetic bearings
Alternators: Information on alternators
Perendev Motor: Information on Perendev magnet motors
Mueller Motor: The Mueller Motor site
Flynn Device: The Flynn parallel-path magnetic device
The Transverter: A Transverter replication
Compressed air Engine: An interesting heat pump style engine design

Vehicle related:
Fuel consumption improver: Add-on wing spoiler for a vehicle which can triple mpg
Water-car Forum: An active group for sharing information on powering cars from water
Water-splitting: Under-water arc system capable of running a 5HP Honda generator
Stanley Meyer Information: Details on using water to fuel a car
Bookshop: A site which provides instructions on improving mileage in cars
Four-Stroke Ignition: An excellent description of ignition, with great photographs
Bookshop plus: DIY information on converting your car to natural / other gas, etc.
Hydrogen Powered Lawnmower: A site with instruction on converting small engines
Flash Steam: A site which explains how flash steam operates in engines
Vehicle Sensors: Adjustments to the fuel-monitoring computer in your vehicle
Electrolysis magnets: The effects that permanent magnets have on electrolysis
Mileage Improvements: Better mileage for the home mechanic
The Water Fuel Museum: Site giving the history of water as a fuel
Electrolyte Supplier: A US supplier of Potassium Hydroxide in reasonable quantities
Water Fuel: A site giving information on water as a fuel
Water Powered Cars: A site giving information on water powered vehicles
Fuel Economy: A site giving information on reducing fuel costs
Spark Plugs: A site giving information on high-tech spark plugs
Raising mpg: High mpg fuel economy site
Improving mpg: Fuel vapouriser systems
Hydrogen Fuel: Running vehicles on hydrogen
Electric Car: Converting a car to run on electric power
Fuel Conversions: Propane and natural gas conversions for vehicles
Fuel Conversions: Hydrogen produced from aluminium for use in vehicle engines
Improving mpg: Better mileage for the home mechanic
Exploding water: Using water as a vehicle fuel
Engine running on hydroxy: Demonstration at 12 lpm.

General interest:
John Bedini: A presentation of John's Zero-Point Energy system - highly recommended.
Alexander Frolov: Important experimental data and theory on accessing free-energy.
Energy Analysis: A very important site giving in-depth analysis of Zero-Point Energy theory, capture and use
General Interest: A site giving up to date information on interesting systems.
Bookshop: A site which provides important books on free-energy research
www.overunity.com: An international free-energy forum with many links
Home Power: An excellent site with practical information on cutting home running costs
Alternative Energy News: A site which provides the most recent news in this field
Technical Interests Site: A site which has a wealth of simple technical training articles
Water atom vibrations: Details of how water atoms absorb energy and vibrate
Browse Patents: An interesting site for browsing through interesting patents
Free Patents On-Line: A very useful site if you know the number of a specific patent
Fresh Patents On-Line: Site for newly lodged patents
Motor Patents On-Line: Site for Motor patents
Tesla Page: Information on Nikola Tesla
Tesla Page: Further information on Nikola Tesla
Tesla Site: Tesla Coils, plans, Parts and Kits
Tesla Site: Articles on Tesla
Scott McKie: Article on Scott McKie
Free-Energy News: Current Free-Energy News page
Longitudinal Waves: Longitidunal and Transverse Wave motion
Free Energy: Free Energy Research archive
Free Energy: Free Energy Research site
Free Energy Books: Free Energy book supplier
Free Energy: Free Energy web site
Free Energy: Free Energy site
Free Energy Generator: A commercial Free-Energy electrical generator
Zero-Point Energy: Dr. Harold Aspden's web site
Electric Tricycles: An Electric tricycles site
Magnetic Amplifiers: An explanation of magnetic amplifiers
Healing Devices: Rejuvenators at reasonable cost
Free Energy Info: Patrick Kelly's free energy guides