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Logo design by Dalmazio Brisinda

The Panacea Technical logo is symbolic. The goal of a green Earth is the center. The horizontal and vertical lines is representative of international cooperation. The cardinal points of N, S, E, and W, are often represented in ancient astrological systems as correlating to fire, water, earth, and wind. The North and South correspond to the icons of fire and water. The magnet corresponds to earth (as in rare earth metals), and the lightning to the ethereal. They also have related meanings to the field of alternative free energy technologies. The diagonal elements (NW, NE, SW, and SE) also represent the ancient astrological system of hot, dry, wet and cold.

The association is as follows:
Hot = metal
Brand = copy-left/open-source symbol with a gear representing technology
Dry = books and learning
Keys = metal = cold = keys to knowledge
Graduation cap = institutions of higher learning = excellence / success / achievement.
The diversity of colors in the surrounding symbols also is representative of the diversity of races and peoples also representing international cooperation.

The Panacea-BOCAF main web site

Panacea is a registered non-profit organisation, dedicated to educational study and research. The Panacea Technical is the world's first open source online university. All copyrights belong to their owners and are acknowledged. All material presented on this web site is either news reporting or information presented for non-profit study and research, or has previously been publicly disclosed or has implicitly or explicitly been put into the public domain. Fair Use applies.

If the Scientific Establishment trusts only in its textbook theories and if disbelieving people of good will who have the means to move this work forward choose “not to look through the telescope,” the consequences will be that these wondrous technologies will not be developed as rapidly as they could have been otherwise or they may not be developed at all! This has been and will be a monumental tragedy for virtually every category of human experience, all of which would be transformed by these now apparently “unwanted” discoveries. -Dr. Eugene F. Mallove

Science must give us objective knowledge of an independently existing reality. No Scientific knowledge can be provisional and tell us nothing that isn’t universal. Science must not be limited by corporate interest or ignorant and dogmatic incredulous prejudices; however, sadly this is currently the state of “science”. Energy is a basic civil right, and has no place in corporate subjugation or regulation by corporate self interests. The science of free energy technology has fallen under this predicament, now, simply we must work together and choose to change this.

Welcome to the faculty section of the main Panacea-BOCAF website. Here-in you find, via free access, the most current versions of educational semi-textbooks and reports of experiments having to do with alternative engineering that are not currently taught in the accepted universities. Our aims are to PROTECT, provide studies and archives of information dealing with, for instance, FREE ENERGY technology, suppressed energy technology, mileage boosting, lowering emissions, alternative fuels, interesting motor modifications and studies in rotors and magnets – sometimes called experimental magnetic motors or experimental magnetic generators. This introduction cannot exist without mentioning that the ultimate result would be to connect everyone doing practical experiments in re-creating Nikola Tesla's life-work, together, and allow this information to be told and re-told in multiple replications, videos and articles, worldwide.

The ultimate aim is total freedom from electricity bills for the entire world forever. This concerns us all, musicians, bankers, students, workers, artists – everyone! Haven't we paid enough electrical bills over the hundred years that Tesla's functional vision of a true, free, World Wide Web of electricity and audiovisuals has lain unused? Safe it to say that the "garage engineers" and wayward electrical engineers and some complete laymen (often times referred to the open source engineering community) are all converging into the subject of “electricity” and how to get it, how to multiply it, how to transform it into usable form, and how to tune the resultant equipment for maximum efficiency.

Reidar Finsrud, Norwegian Sculptor’s PERPETUAL
"Moving Sculpture".

This is what is important. FREE OPEN SOURCE ENERGY results, for the entire world to see, and to create many new CONSOLIDATED engineers and students of alternative energy devices, and you are reading the page of one such non-profit organization dedicated to this humanitarian effort run worldwide by volunteers. The object is to provide information completely non profit and free, and to hopefully inspire others to do their development of these devices and thus get feedback and further replication details which can be added to these experimental manuals and articles. If you can help, or find something that you would like to add in a constructive way to any of these works-in-progress, please do. Rest assured, we, too, as a group, work to update and add to the information available in these articles. We believe FREE ENERGY is a basic civil right, and that everyone has the right to do their own studies into alternative energy technologies, be they experimental, proof-of-concept, rumours from history gone by or, as has been proven best, a complete mixture of all of the following evened out with experience at the workshop.

Taken from "A Machine To Die For", this shot was covering the patent
suppression case of the Joseph Newman free energy device

We admit that at first to those not aware of this technology, that, it might seem interesting that we are pulsing water with electricity, repulsing magnets on a rotor by electrical pulses and keeping a swing-like continuous motion on-going, are placing various metal rods into the earth to draw small voltages out of the ground, tweaking off-the-shelf motors to add efficiency and work towards small moments of self-rotation and more experimental forms of oscillation. That we think there would be something interesting in a lone Latvian's point of view of magnetism and the electric current that we believe there should be a giant and immediate push towards publishing a completely new form of natural alternative scientists' and sciences curriculum which can be disseminated worldwide and taught in the current universities and high-schools.

This page will function to inform us all of our progress. If you are to replicate our material, let us also all be very careful with what we are doing, follow instructions to the "T" and if possible, find professionals who are also interested in getting a bit more out of fuel, electricity, batteries or light. Electricity, friction, magnetism and combustion can be dangerous, if handled by novices. Always seek professional advice and assistance before experimenting. The Panacea Technical is called a university because we teach you. Currently we are not officially recognized.  However we remain teaching, you can then learn, and come back to teach us better! Open-source Energy University. The progress of Panacea Technical and Panacea-BOCAF can be monitored by subscribing to our newsletter. Coming soon are the Panacea Technical technical support forums – we are seeking for engineers who wish to function as moderators – please apply by emailing us.

Whilst our on line university is only virtual right now, our aim is to set up a physical non-profit research and development centre in order to publicly study - and protect - alternative energy technologies from vested interests. Co-operation, collaboration and a constructive front is what is required for all of us to be able to advance the state of education on these alternative energy technologies and advanced alternative sciences. The trustees will operate to disclosure, to the public, the progress of open-source and licensed technologies. All educational courses and further disclosures will be provided via the internet and also at the proposed granted R&D centre. The Panacea Centre will teach the technologies, step-by-step, to those enrolled into the university faculty division. The division will function one step at a time, from essential philosophy, history, ethics and ideology, to the relevance of this technology for humanitarian needs, then the development of the technologies – finishing with functioning technologies being replicated in the laboratory by all of the students, remarkable breakthroughs and viable functional devices which people worldwide will be very happy to implement.

John Searl discusses his departure from mainstream physics
to pursue the revelations of his childhood dreams - including
information to building UFO-like levity discs and a free energy
generator that could solve the global energy crisis.
Visit www.johnsearlstory.com for details.

Ideally this will result in a new form of alternative engineers without borders – with studios and music festivals being retrofitted with energy harnessing methods that are silent, non-wasteful and effective, to full apartment blocks and cities being assisted be it transport, electricity, heat, light or food-wise. Self-Sufficient and Clean - Free Energy Technologies Supporting Sustainable Development. The purpose of this education is to develop a grassroots alumnus of integrity in students in order to collectively proceed in this integral research with future results in mind. Once all businesses function as society-building organizations that make this world a better place for everyone – things will pick up very quickly. For now, it is individuals. People like you and the open source energy community.There is a VAST amount of research into electricity or "energy" that the mainstream faculties must update their curricular with. A significant contribution to this field can be found in the "Energy From The Vacuum Science Series" created by Energetic Productions, LLC, with input from Tom Bearden. Fourteen EDUCATIONAL DVD's have been released, featuring Howard Johnson, John Bedini, Dr. Deborah Chung, Daniel Sheehan PhD, Peter Lindemann, Tom Bearden.

EFTV 01 - 129min - Overview
EFTV 02 - 133min - John Bedini
EFTV 03 - 039min - Dr. Deborah Chung - The Chung Experiment
EFTV 04 - 064min - Howard Johnson - Pioneer of Magnetic Exchange Forces = Spintronics
EFTV 05 - 075min - Tom Bearden - Hidden Electrodynamics and The Final Secret of Free Energy
EFTV 06 - 069min - John Bedini - Inside Radiant Energy
EFTV 07 - 090min - John Bedini - Tesla's Impulse Technology
EFTV 08 - 090min - Prof. Daniel Sheehan Ph.D. - Challenging the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
EFTV 09 - 090min - Tom Bearden - The Early Years: Moray, Sweet and Antigravity
EFTV 10 - 124min - John Bedini - The Kromrey Generator - G-field generator
EFTV 11 - 131min - John Bedini - Magnetic Gates & Howard Johnson
EFTV 12 - 094min - John Bedini - Petrovoltaics & the Faraday Motor
EFTV 13 - 120min - Tom Bearden - Electrodynamics - its Origins, History & Struggles
EFTV 14 - 047min - John Bedini - The Lockridge Device

If you are able to help distribute these to your university, please contact us. The Panacea organization prizes volunteers. The following course material should be distributed to foreign universities – and partnerships should be formed with the schools who wish to form partnerships. Agents and promoters are required for this task. Please contact us if you can help. Our organization is heavily involved in the replication and research of these devices for the public. If you find the following courses and research material of use and would like to support the engineers and the organization in producing more, please consider sending us a donation. Please consider a donation, however slight. We are committed to work every single day towards a deeper understanding and a better more professional way of teaching what we have found out - with these documents.

Sincerely the Trustee’s of Panacea-BOCAF

For those who are unable to use Paypal and wish to send us a donation by another means, please refer to this page.