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Welcome to Panacea Technical and the faculty section of the main Panacea-BOCAF website. Here you will find, via free access, the most current versions of educational semi-textbooks and reports of experiments having to do with alternative engineering that are not currently taught in the accepted universities. Our aims are to protect and provide studies and archives of information dealing with, for instance, free energy technology, suppressed energy technology, mileage boosting, lowering emissions, alternative fuels, interesting motor modifications and studies in rotors and magnets—sometimes called experimental magnetic motors or experimental magnetic generators.

This introduction cannot exist without mentioning that the ultimate result would be to connect everyone doing practical experiments in re-creating Nikola Tesla's life-work, together, and allow this information to be told and re-told in multiple replications, videos and articles, worldwide.

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Panacea Technical is pleased to offer the following courses for download:

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Panacea Technical is pleased to offer the following research material for download
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(October 10, 2012):

Black Salve Alternative Cancer Treatment


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